Stakeholder communication is vital to maximising the benefits of sustainability and community-based activities. Intentions, commitments and achievements should be transparently communicated internally and externally.

Your communications strategy should target various stakeholder groups so they can identify with your actions and understand the true value of your goals.

It is imperative to tell your story from beginning to end – personably, passionately and clearly. Communication of sustainability and community-based activities should be integrated into existing financial and non-financial channels and collateral.

We can help through researching, preparing or reviewing:

  • Leadership speeches, blogs, newsletters, articles, and presentations
  • Collateral for live events
  • Internet and intranet content
  • Press release and awards applications
  • Thought leadership and opinion pieces such as articles or stand-alone publications
  • Video for online or live events
  • Factsheets and credential-based case studies
  • Integration of relevant communications into annual reports, sustainability
    governance reports, reports and performance updates



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